Market Intelligence

Now on iPad!

Put our network of 75+ asset managers and researchers to work for you

Market Intelligence app preview
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  • Get our 12- to 18-month outlook for a range of asset classes
  • Explore interactive charts and our guided view
  • See key macro themes from our asset management network
  • Receive automatic updates and notifications
  • Discover related market insight
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Why Market Intelligence?

Our multimanager approach to investing provides our dedicated in-house research team with a unique advantage: the ability to leverage the very best market insight from our diverse asset management network. Research is vetted and debated to develop our 12- to 18-month outlook for a range of asset classes. The result is Market Intelligence, an award-winning review of the investment landscape—and now an interactive app for your iPad.


Financial advisors

Contact your John Hancock Investments Business Consultant to schedule a detailed review of Market Intelligence and how the trends taking place in today’s markets may affect your practice.

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