Hear from the team
Robert M. Boyda, co-head of global asset allocation at John Hancock Asset Management
Ignites interview
Bob discusses how the company’s target-date and target-risk portfolios have evolved since their inception.
Looking for value in the global capital markets
Bob highlights the essence of his investment discipline in managing a range of multi-asset mandates, including John Hancock Retirement Living Portfolios.
Nathan W. Thooft, CFA, portfolio manager at John Hancock Asset Management
A decade of outcome-oriented, multi-asset investing
Nathan reflects on years of innovation in the management of target-risk asset allocation strategies for John Hancock Lifestyle Portfolios, which recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary.
Absolute return strategies in an asset allocation context
Nathan discusses the role of absolute return investment strategies within a broader portfolio construction process.
Focus on yield and equities in a low-inflation environment
Nathan highlights a few of the broad classes of investments that the team favors in today’s environment of persistently low inflation.

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Asset allocation | Redefining diversification in your portfolio
Viewpoints commentary
Look past today’s China-inspired volatility
Viewpoints commentary
Diversifying by investment philosophy
White paper
Target-date funds: the to versus through dilemma
White paper
Deepening diversification in defined contribution plans: the rise of liquid alternatives

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John Hancock Investments announces fee reductions for Retirement Living Portfolios
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