Mutual Funds

Performance at NAV does not reflect sales charges. If included, sales charges would reduce the performance quoted.

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Historical Prices and Distributions

Domestic equity

 As of 5/23/18
Symbol Fund Name NAV ($) POP ($) NAV Chg ($) NAV Chg (%)
SVBIXBalancedNA           NA NA
JCVIXClassic ValueNA           NA NA
JVLIXDisciplined ValueNA           NA NA
JVMIXDisciplined Value Mid CapNA           NA NA
JHKIXESG All Cap Core12.69           0.02 0.16
JHJIXESG Large Cap Core12.59           0.01 0.08
JFCIXFundamental All Cap CoreNA           NA NA
JLVIXFundamental Large Cap CoreNA           NA NA
JFVIXFundamental Large Cap ValueNA           NA NA
JHSOXNew OpportunitiesNA           NA NA
JCCIXSmall Cap CoreNA           NA NA
JSJIXSmall Cap GrowthNA           NA NA
JSCBXSmall Cap ValueNA           NA NA
JSGIXStrategic GrowthNA           NA NA
USLIXU.S. Global Leaders GrowthNA           NA NA
JHUIXU.S. GrowthNA           NA NA
JVEIXValue EquityNA           NA NA