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Market Intelligence
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Market Intelligence Call Replay

April 2018 | Conference Call Replay

Market Strategist Matthew D. Miskin, CFA walks through the findings of our research and discuss what our network of asset managers is saying about the outlook for the global economy and markets.

Global Market Outlook

April 2018 | PDF

John Hancock Asset Management's Chief Economist Megan E. Greene and Co-Head of Global Asset Allocation Robert M. Boyda share their views on the global economy and the opportunities ahead. Bob and his asset allocation colleagues manage our three suites of target-date funds for retirement investors.

Strategic Income Opportunities Fund quarterly update

April 2018 | Conference Call Replay

The management team from John Hancock Asset Management hosts a discussion of the fund’s current strategy, the global fixed-income markets, and the management team’s outlook for the months ahead.

Market Intelligence | The latest thinking from our asset management network

April 2018 | PDF

Our multimanager approach to investing provides us with a unique advantage: the ability to leverage the very best market insight from our diverse asset management network. Our dedicated in-house research team analyzes and evaluates those views to develop our outlook for a range of asset classes. The result is Market Intelligence, an award-winning review of the investment landscape—and now an interactive app for your iPad.

A closer look at Fed policy, foreign demand, and the shape of the yield curve

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: With the yield curve today flatter than normal, some investors are wondering whether there’s a danger that short-term rates could rise faster than longer-term rates—and what that would mean for the economy. Senior Portfolio Manager Howard C. Greene takes a closer look at what’s been driving changes in yields at both ends of the curve.

Understanding the difference between good and bad inflation

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: With inflation expectations and longer-term yields both on the rise, should investors start positioning their portfolios more defensively? Senior Portfolio Manager Howard C. Greene breaks down the different factors pressuring long-dated yields and makes the case for taking a more selective approach to today’s bond markets.

Will higher mortgage rates derail the housing market?

March 2018 | Video

VIDEO: For several years, a solid housing market has served as the bedrock of the U.S. economic recovery. But with long-term rates pushing mortgages higher, some investors are growing concerned about whether housing’s upward trajectory can last. Senior Portfolio Manager Howard C. Greene takes a closer look at the forces in play.

A closer look at John Hancock Strategic Income Opportunities Fund

February 2018 | Video

VIDEO: Risk management is crucial, especially in today’s bond market. Senior Portfolio Manager Daniel S. Janis III describes how he and the team navigate the four distinct risks in fixed income to build a more all-weather portfolio.

Bond market turbulence: putting the recent volatility in context

February 2018 | Video

VIDEO: Long-term yields have climbed steadily since the passage of tax reform in December 2017, and are up sharply in recent days. Daniel S. Janis III, senior portfolio manager for John Hancock Strategic Income Opportunities Fund, takes a closer look at what’s been driving that volatility and what may be in store for fixed-income investors over the near term.

Expect heightened bond market volatility ahead

January 2018 | Video

VIDEO: Reports that China may soon consider paring back U.S. Treasury purchases sparked a flash of volatility in longer-dated bonds. Charles C. Tomes, senior investment analyst for John Hancock Asset Management’s global multi-sector fixed-income team, takes a closer look at the implications for fixed-income investors and discusses how his team is preparing to weather any future market turbulence.

A new Fed chair? Weighing the options for a change in leadership

September 2017 | Video

VIDEO: Senior Portfolio Manager Howard C. Greene, CFA, takes a closer look at what a possible Janet Yellen retirement could mean for the bond markets.

A nimble approach to today’s bond markets

September 2017 | Video

VIDEO: Senior Portfolio Manager Howard C. Greene, CFA, discusses the philosophy and process behind John Hancock Bond Fund.

Debt or equity? In emerging economies, it’s been a tale of two markets

September 2017 | PDF

When it comes to emerging markets, many investors think of the space as a high-risk, high-return asset class. But there are important differences between debt and equities, and the former need not be reserved for the adventurous of heart. Stone Harbor Investment Partners' James E. Craige, CFA, takes a closer look.

Flexible is the new core: fixed-income investing for the next 30 years

September 2017 | PDF

After an epic bull market for core bonds, investors have been rethinking their fixed-income allocations going forward—and for good reason. This paper explores how more flexible mandates can harness those drivers of bond performance that aren’t dependent on changes in interest rates to generate returns.

Avoiding another taper tantrum: why a cautious stance on agency MBS may be warranted

June 2017 | PDF

The U.S. Federal Reserve is the single largest buyer of agency mortgage-backed securities in the market today. We take a closer look at what could happen when that trend changes course.