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Market Intelligence
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Weekly Market Recap

March 2017 |

A summary of key market data and headlines and a look ahead into next week.

Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund monthly update

March 2017 | Conference Call Replay

K. Stuart Peskin, CFA, Investment Director at Standard Life Investments, shares his latest thoughts on the market environment and how those views are reflected within John Hancock Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund.

Strategic Income Opportunities Fund monthly update

March 2017 | Conference Call Replay

The management team from John Hancock Asset Management hosts a discussion of the fund’s current strategy, the global fixed-income markets, and the management team’s outlook for the months ahead.

Four reasons we remain bullish on regional banks

February 2017 | PDF

After enduring a challenging path since the financial crisis, U.S. banks appear primed to outperform following an extended period of low interest rates. In the attached Viewpoints commentary, John Hancock Asset Management's, Lisa A. Welch details why the confluence of a rising interest-rate environment, attractive fundamentals, and continued industry consolidation makes U.S. bank stocks a very attractive investment opportunity in 2017.

Target-date funds: Different goals require different glide paths

February 2017 | Video

VIDEO: When it comes to target-date fund glide paths, one shape does not fit all. The industry-leading asset allocation team behind John Hancock Multimanager Lifetime Portfolios and John Hancock Multi-Index Preservation Portfolios examines the merits multiple options.

Target-date funds: Seeking value in unloved assets abroad

February 2017 | Video

VIDEO: Robert M. Boyda, co-head of global asset allocation at John Hancock Asset Management, shows how hunting for beaten-down assets—such as those outside the United States—benefits target-date fund investors. Bob and his team manage multiple suites of retirement funds, including John Hancock Multimanager Lifetime Portfolios.

Target-date funds: Why open architecture matters

February 2017 | Video

VIDEO: If open architecture is important in retirement plans, then target-date funds should be open. The industry-leading asset allocation team behind John Hancock Multimanager Lifetime Portfolios shows why.

A better way to invest: manager selection and oversight at John Hancock Investments

February 2017 | PDF

Financial advisors and consultants face an investment management landscape increasingly split between industry giants and specialized boutiques. John Hancock Investments' Leo M. Zerilli, CIMA, explains how the firm's unique approach blends the innovation and agility of today's boutique asset managers with strong risk controls and oversight.

Attracting clients through ESG and sustainable investing

February 2017 | PDF

The rapid growth of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing reflects rising demand from investors for values-based approaches and poses challenges for advisors wishing to attract and retain these clients. Todd J. Cassler, President of Institutional Distribution, outlines simple steps that advisors can take to speak intelligently about ESG, provide credible ESG investment alternatives, and position their practices to better address growing client demand for ESG investing.

Target-date funds: embracing open architecture

February 2017 | PDF

Defined contribution plan-level best practices call for an open-architecture, or multimanager, lineup of investment offerings, but that line of thinking rarely extends to target-date portfolio construction. If open architecture is important, explains John Hancock Investments’ CEO Andrew G. Arnott, then more target-date funds should be open.

Disciplined Value Fund quarterly update

January 2017 | Conference Call Replay

Mark E. Donovan, CFA, co-chief executive officer and portfolio manager at Boston Partners, shared his latest thoughts on John Hancock Disciplined Value Fund and the broader market environment.

International Growth Fund monthly update

January 2017 | Conference Call Replay

Wellington Management’s Joshua Berger, CFA, shares his thoughts on the market environment and how those views are reflected within John Hancock International Growth Fund.

Seaport Fund update

January 2017 | Conference Call Replay

Wellington Management’s Jason A. Horowitz shares an update on John Hancock Seaport Fund (Class I: JSFDX) and the outlook for long/short equity investing.

Active share and mutual fund performance

January 2017 | PDF

The development of active share in the mid-2000s offered a potentially forward-looking view into a fund’s performance prospects and, as a result, it has become an increasingly popular metric for investors. Head of Investments Leo M. Zerilli, CIMA, discusses the definition and origin of active share and its benefits and limitations as a predictor of fund performance.

Market Intelligence Call Replay

January 2017 | Conference Call Replay

Head of Investment Research Emily R. Roland, CIMA, walks through the findings of our research and discusses what our network of asset managers and researchers is saying about the outlook for the global economy and markets.